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Notes: Golang Makefile

Notes: Golang Makefile

Makefile containing all the important commands required by Go developers and the DevOps team.

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This Makefile consists of all the important commands required by developers and DevOps team for any Golang project:

Run make in the terminal to go through all the available commands: Screenshot 2022-01-16 at 8.08.11 PM.png

The commands include:

  • build commands to build binaries for the current system and various other platform architectures and OS.

  • setup commands to set up dev dependencies and packages required for linting, documentation, etc.

  • docs commands to generate documentation on swagger and start local swagger UI.

  • formatting commands to format go files.

  • test and coverage commands to output status of unit tests, benchmarks, and code coverage in different available formats like JSON, HTML, etc.

  • static check commands to find security and linting issues in code in different available formats like JSON, HTML, etc.

  • run commands to run the application for different environments, dev, staging and prod, etc.

  • clean commands to run cleanup on go application and by removing generated binaries and reports.

  • docker commands to build, run, remove... Docker image and container.

  • help command to open up the above terminal output.

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